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How Much Farmland Does Warren Buffett Own?

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Warren Buffett, the renowned investor and business magnate, has amassed a vast portfolio of investments over his career.

While he is widely recognized for his successful ventures in the financial world, his holdings extend beyond stocks and businesses. Among his diverse investments, Buffett has shown an interest in farmland.

Although the exact extent of his farmland holdings is not publicly disclosed, there are some known properties that provide insights into his agricultural investments.

Pana, Illinois Family Farm

One of the notable farmland holdings linked to Warren Buffett is a 1,500-acre family farm located in Pana, Illinois.

This property serves as a reflection of Buffett's connection to agriculture and a testament to his appreciation for farmland as a long-term investment. The specifics of its operation and crops grown on the farm are not widely disclosed.

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Foundation-Operated Research Farms

In addition to his personal farmland holdings, Warren Buffett's philanthropic efforts have extended to agricultural research and development. His foundation operates several research farms with sizable land holdings.

Notably, there are over 1,500 acres of research farmland in Arizona, contributing to studies and advancements in agriculture.

Another significant foundation-operated research farm is located in South Africa.

Spanning an impressive 9,200 acres, this farm plays a vital role in supporting agricultural research and innovation efforts in the region.


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