Top Agricultural Products In Texas In 2023

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Everything is bigger in Texas, and agriculture is no exception.

As the largest state in the contiguous United States, Texas boasts a diverse agricultural sector that significantly contributes to its economy and the nation's food supply.

1. Cattle and Calves: The Texas Tradition

When you think of Texas, images of cowboys and cattle drives likely come to mind.

This isn't far from reality, as cattle farming is a significant part of Texas's agricultural sector. The state's vast ranches are home to many cattle and calves, contributing to the beef and dairy industries.

The next time you enjoy a juicy steak or a glass of milk, it might be thanks to a Texas rancher.

2. Cotton: The Fabric of Texas Agriculture

Cotton has a long history in Texas and is a major crop. The state's farmers produce high-quality cotton that is used in textiles around the world.

From the cotton fields of the Texas High Plains to the Rio Grande Valley, this crop plays a significant role in the state's agricultural sector.

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3. Dairy Products: Texas's Cream of the Crop

While cattle for beef may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Texas livestock, the state also has a thriving dairy industry.

Texas dairy farmers work tirelessly to provide a steady supply of milk, cheese, and other dairy products. The state's dairy industry contributes to the local economy and helps meet the nation's demand for dairy.

4. Broilers: A Feather in Texas's Agricultural Cap

Texas's agricultural sector isn't just about cattle and crops. The state is also a significant producer of broilers or chickens raised for meat.

These birds are a major part of the state's agricultural output, providing consumers with a source of lean, high-quality protein.


From the cattle ranches of the Texas Hill Country to the cotton fields of the Panhandle, agriculture is a vital part of the Lone Star State's identity.

The hard work and dedication of Texas's farmers and ranchers contribute to the state's economy and help feed people across the nation and worldwide. So, the next time you sit down to a meal, remember the Texas agricultural sector's wide-reaching impact.

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