How Much Land Does Stan Kroenke Own?

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Stan Kroenke, a prominent entrepreneur and sports team owner, has made headlines not only for his involvement in the world of sports but also for his significant land ownership.

With an extensive portfolio spanning across multiple states, Kroenke's land holdings have drawn attention, particularly in Texas and Montana.

In this article, we delve into the details of Stan Kroenke's vast land ownership, primarily focusing on his ranches in these two states.

Stan Kroenke's Land Portfolio

Stan Kroenke is known for his diverse range of business ventures, including sports teams and real estate investments.

A significant portion of his land holdings consists of sprawling ranches in Texas and Montana, totaling approximately 1,627,500 acres.

Stan Kroenke's land holdings in Texas and Montana are predominantly dedicated to ranching and conservation. Ranching operations often involve the breeding and raising of livestock, such as cattle and horses, as well as managing the land for grazing purposes.

These ranches contribute to local economies, provide employment opportunities, and support the agricultural sector.

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