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How To Invest In South American Farmland In 2023

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Although it may not come quickly to mind when you think of investing, putting your money into farmland is an excellent choice for diversifying your portfolio and has been for decades. Recently, it has become a lot more popular.

Farms are a tangible asset that tend to not lose value with ups and downs in the stock market. They are also a solid option for earning income, whether that’s from renting out the land or from your share of the annual crop harvest.

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South American Farmland

Farmlands in Argentina and Brazil are some of the most fertile, productive and sought after in the world.

South America’s major exports are primarily commodities, including food and plant products, fuels, and raw materials. For food, the biggest farm production is of sugar, bananas, cocoa, coffee, tobacco, beef, corn, and wheat. There are also cattle farms and dairy production farms.

South American countries like Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay are much more foreign business-friendly and have better protection of property rights than other South American sites.

However, Chile is a mountainous territory and Uruguay is a small country. They offer fewer farmland sites for investors than the much larger and plentiful with farmland in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Gateway To South America (GTSA)

This land acquisition company has listings for a diverse type of real estate, among them farms. Be sure to conduct your own research.

Here are a few sample listings:

1. Grazing Farm in Argentina

  • Asking Price $3 million USD
  • Mixed production, agriculture at the most fertile lots including soybeans, corn, sorghum, and also cattle in the remaining land for the complete breeding cycle. Also has scrubland with specialized grass used for the first stages of the breeding cycle as well as green leaf and corn for the later pats of the cycle.

2. Semi-developed Farm in Santa Fe, Argentina

  • Asking Price: $600,000 USD
  • Located 50 kms from the paved road, this farm includes an owner house that needs to be refurbished, a dam to be repaired, and no wired perimeter for livestock.

As you can see, farmland listings vary wildly in price and condition. If you want to buy usable farmland that’s up and running, you will pay high prices in the millions.

Conversely, farmland that’s not ready to use comes with a smaller price tag. However as an investor, it’s not likely you have experience or want to go through the enormous chore of restoring the land to make it viable for any type of farming.

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