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Where Are Potatoes Grown In The United States?

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Potatoes are grown in several regions across the United States.

Here are some of the primary potato-growing regions.

1. Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest, particularly Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, is known as the major potato-growing region in the US.

Idaho, commonly referred to as the “Potato State,” produces the highest volume of potatoes in the country. The region's volcanic soils, cool climate, and access to irrigation water from rivers contribute to favorable potato cultivation conditions.

2. Midwest

The Midwest region, including states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Colorado, is another significant potato-growing area.

These states have suitable soil conditions and cooler climates, which are favorable for potato production. Michigan, in particular, is known for its chip-processing potato varieties.

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3. Northeast

The Northeast region, including states like Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, has a long history of potato farming.

Maine is renowned for its high-quality potatoes, particularly its seed potatoes. The cool climate, fertile soils, and access to water sources contribute to successful potato cultivation in this region.

4. Rocky Mountain Region

The Rocky Mountain states, such as Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, also have potato production.

These states benefit from favorable high-altitude growing conditions, fertile soils, and access to irrigation water.

Colorado, in particular, is a significant potato-producing state.

5. South Central and Southeast

Some southern states, including Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and North Carolina, also have potato cultivation, albeit on a smaller scale compared to the regions mentioned above.

These states often have milder climates that allow for potato production during specific seasons or in specific areas.

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