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What Percentage Of Americans Are Accredited Investors?

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Accredited investors play a significant role in the world of finance, with their financial success allowing them to engage in more sophisticated investment opportunities.

As the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recognized, this “exclusive club” comprises a small percentage of the US population, estimated at 8.25 percent.

In this article, we delve into the concept of accredited investors, explore the reasons behind their exclusivity, and shed light on the implications of this distinction.

Defining Accredited Investors

Accredited investors are individuals or entities who meet specific requirements set by the SEC, allowing them to access investment opportunities that are typically unavailable to the general public.

These criteria are primarily based on an individual's net worth or annual income.

To be considered an accredited investor, one must demonstrate a certain level of financial success, implying the ability to absorb potential risks associated with more complex investments.

Percentage of Americans as Accredited Investors

According to available data, the current estimate suggests that approximately 8.25 percent of the US population qualifies as accredited investors.

This figure highlights the exclusive nature of this group and emphasizes the notion that financial success is not evenly distributed across society.

The SEC uses this threshold to distinguish those individuals who have demonstrated the financial acumen and resources necessary to engage in more intricate investment opportunities.

Reasons for Accredited Investor Exclusivity

The SEC's delineation of accredited investors is rooted in the assumption that these individuals possess the financial knowledge and experience to assess and participate in riskier investment offerings.

By setting the bar higher, the SEC aims to protect less experienced investors from potential losses from complex or illiquid investments.

Additionally, this distinction allows companies to offer investment opportunities with fewer regulatory restrictions, facilitating capital formation and economic growth.


The percentage of Americans who qualify as accredited investors currently stands at approximately 8.25 percent, indicating the exclusive nature of this group.

Accredited investors are distinguished by their financial success, which indicates their ability to evaluate and participate in more complex investment offerings.

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