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Where Are Peanuts Grown In The United States?

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Peanuts are primarily grown in the southeastern United States. The “Peanut Belt” region includes several states known for peanut cultivation.

Here are the leading states where peanuts are grown in the US.

1. Georgia

Georgia is the leading state for peanut production in the US.

The southwestern region of Georgia, known as the “Peanut Capital of the World,” has the ideal combination of climate, soil, and growing conditions for peanuts.

2. Alabama

Alabama is another significant peanut-producing state in the US.

The state's southeastern part, along with the Wiregrass region, is known for its peanut cultivation.

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3. Florida

Florida has a notable peanut-growing industry, particularly in the northern part of the state.

The panhandle region of Florida is known for its sandy soils, which are well-suited for peanut cultivation.

4. Texas

Texas, specifically the western part of the state, has a considerable peanut industry.

The region benefits from warm temperatures and sandy soils that provide suitable conditions for peanut farming.

5. South Carolina and North Carolina

These states also have peanut cultivation, primarily in the southeastern coastal areas.

While peanut production in these states may be smaller compared to Georgia and Alabama, they still contribute to the overall peanut production in the US.

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