Top Agricultural Products In North Dakota In 2023

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North Dakota, often called the “Breadbasket of the United States,” is a powerhouse in the nation's agricultural sector.

The state's fertile soil, vast farmlands, and hardworking farmers make it a leading producer of several key crops.

1. Wheat: North Dakota's Golden Grain

When it comes to wheat production, North Dakota stands tall. The state is the nation's leading producer of spring and durum wheat, two varieties used in making bread, pasta, and other staple foods.

As you drive through the state, you'll see wheat fields stretching as far as the eye can see, a testament to North Dakota's agricultural prowess.

2. Soybeans: A Versatile Crop

Soybeans are another significant crop in North Dakota. These versatile legumes are used in various products, from animal feed to biodiesel fuel.

North Dakota's soybean production is crucial in the state's and the nation's agricultural economy.

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3. Corn for Grain: A Growing Sector

While not as dominant as wheat or soybeans, corn for grain production is a growing sector in North Dakota's agricultural industry.

The state's farmers are increasingly turning to corn as a profitable crop, contributing to North Dakota's agricultural output diversity.

4. Cattle and Calves: The Backbone of Livestock Industry

North Dakota's agricultural sector isn't just about crops. The state also has a robust livestock industry, with cattle and calves leading the way.

North Dakota's ranchers raise high-quality beef cattle, contributing to the state's economy and the nation's food supply.

5. Sugar Beets: Sweetening the Pot

Finally, let's not forget about sugar beets. North Dakota is a leading producer of this sweet crop.

The state's sugar beet farms contribute to the sugar industry, providing a significant portion of the nation's domestic sugar supply.


From wheat fields to cattle ranches, North Dakota's agricultural sector is vital to the state's economy and identity.

The next time you enjoy a slice of bread or a spoonful of sugar, remember the hardworking farmers of North Dakota who help bring these products to your table.

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