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How Many Acres Are There In New Hampshire?

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New Hampshire, known as the “Granite State,” may be small in size compared to its fellow states, but it's packed with a diverse range of landscapes and natural beauty.

With a total of 5,990,560 acres, New Hampshire offers a unique blend of city life, rural charm, and outdoor adventure.

Let's dive in and explore it in the simplest way possible.

The Diverse Landscapes of New Hampshire

New Hampshire's nearly six million acres are not just any ordinary land.

They are filled with a variety of landscapes, from the beautiful beaches along the 18-mile coastline to the majestic White Mountains, which cover about a quarter of the state.

The state's largest city, Manchester, sits on approximately 21,600 acres. It's a bustling urban center with a thriving arts scene, historic architecture, and a variety of restaurants and shops.

Despite being an urban area, Manchester and other cities in New Hampshire are never too far from nature.

The Green Acres

New Hampshire is known for its lush forests, which cover about 84% of the state's land area. That's over 5 million acres of forests!

These forests are home to a rich variety of wildlife and offer numerous recreational opportunities like hiking, camping, and bird watching.

The Granite State's Water Bodies

New Hampshire might be landlocked on three sides, but it's not lacking in water bodies.

It's home to over 1,300 lakes and ponds, and numerous rivers crisscross the state. The largest lake, Lake Winnipesaukee, covers an impressive 44,586 acres.

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New Hampshire's 5,990,560 acres offer a diverse range of landscapes and experiences.

From the bustling city life to the serene beauty of its forests and lakes, the Granite State packs a lot into its nearly six million acres.

Whether you're a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or someone who enjoys the comforts of city life, New Hampshire has something to offer.

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