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How Much Farmland Does Monsanto Own?

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Monsanto, a prominent name in the agricultural industry, has often been associated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and crop technology. However, when it comes to farmland ownership, the scope of Monsanto's holdings is relatively modest.

While Monsanto is known for its significant contributions in the realm of agricultural technology, it is essential to note that farmland ownership is not the core focus of the company's operations.

As of the available data from GMO Answers, Monsanto's farmland ownership encompasses an area of fewer than 15,000 acres in the United States.

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Monsanto's Business Model

Monsanto primarily operates as a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation, focusing on research, development, and commercialization of crop seeds and related technologies.

Their core business lies in seed genetics, biotechnology traits, and crop protection products rather than land ownership. Monsanto's goal is to enhance agricultural productivity, sustainability, and the profitability of farmers through innovative crop solutions.

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