how to invest in Mississippi farmland

How To Invest In Mississippi Farmland

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Ok, so you can spell Mississippi, the complicated name of the Magnolia State, but do you know anything about its farming industry?

We’re here to update you.

Agriculture is a very big deal in every region of the state, from the Mississippi Delta all the way to the Gulf Coast.

In fact, it’s Mississippi’s number one industry, adding more than $7.30 billion to the economy each year.

Approximately 34,700 farms are growing food across 10.5 million acres. The average farm is around 300 acres in size.

Agriculture is a strong asset in all of Mississippi’s 82 counties. From farmers to shipping companies that transport food, the industry employs about 17.4% of the state’s workforce, directly and indirectly. The impact in enormous.

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Buying Farmland In Mississippi

If you are looking to invest in farmland in this state, one option is to buy a farm directly yourself. This will often require a lot of upfront capital. Another option is to invest via a crowdfunded platform.

1. Invest With AcreTrader

AcreTrader is a popular investment platform letting investors buy shares in farmland using the crowdfunding model. This pulls together smaller amounts of investment funds from larger groups of people.

AcreTrader farmland investing platform

One recent AcreTrader offering was an investment opportunity on a 160-acre farm in Tunica County, Mississippi. The property managers at AcreTrader had the land on this farm leveled and irrigated to enable rice production, which typically commands a high rent premium.

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AcreTrader lists new farms weekly, so be sure to join their email list to be notified about new farm listings in Mississippi!

2. Check For Listings On FARMFLIP

As another option, FARMFLIP has $549.2 million of farms for sale in Mississippi with a median listing price of $299,900 or an average of $2,634 per acre.

From mild and predictable weather conditions to rich soil and smart usage of the land, investing in farms in Mississippi could be a great growth strategy.

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