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3 Largest Ranches In The State Of North Dakota

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North Dakota, characterized by its vast plains and a rich history of ranching, stands as a testament to the resilience and dedication of its ranchers.

The state's landscapes are adorned with ranches cultivated for generations, playing a significant role in the nation's beef industry.

Here, we spotlight some of the most iconic farms in North Dakota.

1. H-T Ranch

  • Location: 10 miles west of Amidon, North Dakota
  • Overview: The H-T Ranch is a historic ranch complex that once consisted of ten buildings. Today, only the ranch house and log barn survive. This ranch served as the headquarters of the Little Missouri Cattle Company, which Arthur Clark Hidekoper ran.

2. Long X Ranch

  • Location: McKenzie County, North Dakota
  • Overview: The Long X Ranch is the largest and most renowned cattle ranch in McKenzie County. Synonymous with cattle drives and the era of open range in the Dakota Territory, it was established by William D. and George T. Reynolds, brothers from Texas.

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3. Bison Ranch at Coteau Ridge Ranches

  • Location: Pingree, North Dakota
  • Overview: The Bison Ranch at Coteau Ridge Ranches offers visitors a unique experience, allowing them to tour a working bison ranch. It's a testament to North Dakota's commitment to preserving its ranching heritage and promoting sustainable ranching practices.

In Conclusion

North Dakota's ranches reflect the state's deep-rooted ranching heritage.

These vast estates, cultivated over generations, are pivotal in shaping the state's agricultural landscape and contribute immensely to the American ranching narrative.

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