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3 Largest Ranches In The State Of New Mexico

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New Mexico, with its diverse landscapes ranging from deserts to high plains, is deeply rooted in ranching history.

Over the years, vast ranches have been established, each with its unique story and significance.

Let's delve into some of the largest ranches that New Mexico has to offer.

1. Bell Ranch

The Bell Ranch stands as a historic landmark in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

It is owned by John Malone since 2010 and is one of the largest privately-owned ranches in the United States. The ranch has become a symbol of New Mexico's rich ranching heritage, covering a vast expanse.

The ranch was designated a national landmark in 1974, further cementing its significance in the state's history.

2. Vermejo Park Ranch

Another iconic ranch in New Mexico is the Vermejo Park Ranch, which spans over 550,000 acres across northeastern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Owned by Ted Turner, this ranch is not just about its size; it's also about conservation.

The ranch operates as a nature reserve and guest ranch, emphasizing conservation research and ecosystem restoration.

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3. San Cristobal Ranch

The San Cristobal Ranch is the flagship of the 1.2-million-acre accumulation of ranches across New Mexico owned by the Singleton Trust.

Covering 81,000 acres, the San Cristobal Ranch is an integrated operation, raising quality cattle and top-performing horses, showcasing the state's commitment to sustainable agriculture and livestock rearing.


New Mexico's ranches are a testament to the state's deep connection to the land and its ranching legacy.

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