2 Largest Ranches In The State Of Montana

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Montana, known as the “Big Sky Country,” is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, majestic mountains, and vast ranches.

The state's ranching heritage is deeply rooted in its history. Many ranches span thousands of acres and play a pivotal role in the local economy and culture.

Let's delve into some of the largest ranches that Montana has to offer.

1. N Bar Ranch

Topping the list is the N Bar Ranch, a historic estate covering an impressive 62,000 acres.

Owned by Dan and Farris Wilks, the N Bar Ranch is a testament to Montana's rich ranching heritage.

The Wilks Brothers, who amassed their fortune from the fracking industry in Texas, have ensured that the ranch remains a beacon of Montana's ranching culture.

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2. Flying D Ranch

Another significant ranch in Montana is the Flying D Ranch, which spans over 113,613 acres in Southwest Montana.

Media mogul Ted Turner owns this ranch as a working estate, managing bison populations and wildlife and contributing to the state's ranching and conservation efforts.


Montana's ranches are more than just vast tracts of land; they symbolize a way of life, representing the state's history, culture, and tradition.

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