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3 Largest Ranches In The State Of Kansas

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Kansas, with its vast plains and rich agricultural history, has been a stronghold of American ranching for generations.

The state's sprawling landscapes are home to some of the most significant ranches in the country.

Here, we spotlight some of the most prominent ranches in Kansas.

1. Spring Creek Ranch

  • Location: Flint Hills of eastern Kansas
  • Acreage: 10,793 acres
  • Overview: Owned by the Koch family, the Spring Creek Ranch is part of the Matador Cattle Co. This ranch has been a working cattle ranch since 1941 and is currently valued at $23.2 million.

2. Baughman Farms

  • Location: Liberal, Kansas
  • Acreage: 250,000 acres
  • Overview: Owned by Philip Frederick Anschutz, Baughman Farms stands as one of the largest private land holdings in the U.S. Anschutz purchased this expansive farm in 1970 for $10 million.

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3. Z Bar Ranch

  • Location: South Central Kansas
  • Acreage: 42,479 acres
  • Overview: Owned by media mogul Ted Turner, the Z Bar Ranch is another significant ranch in the state, contributing to Kansas's rich ranching tradition.

In Conclusion

Kansas's ranches are a testament to the state's deep-rooted ranching heritage.

These vast estates, cultivated over generations, play a pivotal role in shaping the state's agricultural landscape and contribute immensely to the American ranching narrative

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