2 Largest Landowners In Saskatchewan (Canada) In 2023

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Saskatchewan, with its vast prairies and rich agricultural heritage, is home to some of the most significant land holdings in Canada.

The province's landscapes are dotted with farms and ranches that have been cultivated for generations.

Here, we spotlight some of the most prominent landowners in Saskatchewan.

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1. Robert Andjelic and Andjelic Land Inc.

  • Acreage: Over 225,500 acres
  • Overview: Robert Andjelic is the founder of Andjelic Land and is recognized as the largest private landowner in Canada. Based out of Calgary, Andjelic has been a significant player in Saskatchewan's agricultural scene, leasing his vast land holdings to farmers for monthly rental payments.

2. Monette Farms

  • Acreage: Approximately 63,000 acres
  • Overview: Monette Farms is one of Saskatchewan's largest grain farms. With tens of thousands of acres under its management, the farm plays a pivotal role in the province's grain production.

In Conclusion

Saskatchewan's vast estates are a testament to the province's deep-rooted agricultural heritage.

These landowners, with their significant holdings, play a pivotal role in shaping Saskatchewan's agricultural landscape, ensuring that the province remains a vibrant and dynamic place for farming and ranching.

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