largest landowners in North Carolina

10 Largest Landowners In The State Of North Carolina

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North Carolina is a beautiful state in the southeastern United States, known for its diverse geography and rich history.

Many individuals and companies own its vast land, but some stand out.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 landowners in North Carolina and their impact on the state's economy and environment.

Top Landowners In North Carolina

LandownersTotal Acres
1. The State of North Carolina2,800,000
2. The United States Government1,000,000
3. The Conservation Fund160,000
4. The Weyerhaeuser Company150,000
5. The Forestland Group140,000
6. The Progress Energy Carolinas85,000
7. The American Timberlands Company75,000
8. Tim Sweeney56,000
9. The Lyme Timber Company50,000
10. The Biltmore Estate8,000

1. The State of North Carolina

The largest landowner in North Carolina is the state itself. It owns approximately 2.8 million acres of land, which accounts for about 7% of the state's total land area.

The state's land is used for various purposes, including conservation, recreation, and agriculture.

2. The United States Government

The federal government is the second-largest landowner in North Carolina, with over 1 million acres of land.

This includes national forests, wildlife refuges, military bases, and other properties.

3. The Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund, a national environmental nonprofit organization, owns approximately 160,000 acres of land in North Carolina.

They focus on conserving and protecting natural resources, including forests, wetlands, and wildlife habitats.

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4. The Weyerhaeuser Company

The Weyerhaeuser Company, a forestry and lumber company based in Washington state, owns around 150,000 acres of land in North Carolina.

They are one of the largest private landowners in the state and are involved in sustainable forestry practices.

5. The Forestland Group

The Forestland Group, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, owns around 140,000 acres of land in the state.

They are a private equity firm focused on sustainable forestry investments and responsible land management.

6. The Progress Energy Carolinas

Progress Energy Carolinas, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, owns around 85,000 acres of land in North Carolina.

They are involved in the energy industry, including coal-fired power plants and renewable energy projects.

7. The American Timberlands Company

The American Timberlands Company, based in Greenwich, Connecticut, owns approximately 75,000 acres of land in North Carolina.

They are a timberland investment management organization focused on sustainable forestry practices.

8. Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic Games, owns around 56,000 acres of land.

He has been actively involved in conservation efforts and has established a foundation to protect and conserve his land.

9. The Lyme Timber Company

The Lyme Timber Company, based in New Hampshire, owns around 50,000 acres of land in North Carolina.

They are another timberland investment management organization focused on sustainable forestry practices.

10. The Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate, located in Asheville, North Carolina, owns approximately 8,000 acres of land.

They are a historic estate that includes a mansion, gardens, vineyards, and forested land used for conservation and recreation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the top 10 landowners in North Carolina, each with their unique impact on the state's economy and environment.

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