Who Owns The Most Land In Canada

Who Owns The Most Land In Canada?

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Key Points

  • Canada is the second largest country globally, but over 80% of its land is uninhabited.
  • Most Canadians live in cities near the US border, with more than 90% residing within 155 miles of the border.
  • The densely populated areas in Canada are Ontario, Quebec, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.
  • Land ownership in Canada is mainly held by provincial, territorial, and federal governments, with about 10% available for private ownership.
  • Robert Andjelic is the largest private landowner in Canada, owning over 225,500 acres of land in Saskatchewan and leasing it to farmers for monthly rental payments.

If you’re looking for land in Canada, your search may be far and wide.

Canada is the second biggest country in the world, with Russia taking the lead, but more than 80% of its land is uninhabited.

Most Canadians live in large numbers in cities located near the American border. For example, more than 90% of Canadians live within 155 miles of the US border.

You are most likely familiar with the country’s two largest provinces, Ontario and Quebec. These areas are densely populated, as are Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

These are in the southern part of the country, leaving the northern territories largely unused. Canada is also the location of the well-known Rocky Mountains.

The country’s northeast neighbor is the equally isolated State of Alaska. 

Who Owns The Land In Canada?

Nearly 90% is publicly owned by and managed by provincial, territorial, and federal governments.

Of this total, 41% is federal crown land. This is the term used to describe land owned by federal or provincial government entities.

Another 48% is the province’s crown land.  

That leaves about 10% of Canada’s land to be privately owned.

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Who Is Canada’s Largest Farmland Owner?

Robert Andjelic has a massive total of more than 225,500 acres of land in Saskatchewan.

This property is worth somewhere between $500 million and $700 million.

The province of Saskatchewan has 40% of Canada’s cultivated land and is centrally located for export purposes.

According to the Andjelic Land website, the land owner aims to become the landlord for Canadian farmers looking to rent land and compete globally while adhering to the company’s sustainable land management plan. 

Andjelic makes this goal publicly well-known and markets his land on his website under the caption “Available Farmland For Rent.”

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