Top 10 Largest Farmland Owners In The US In 2024

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Each year, The Land Report, a renowned publication, compiles a list known as the Land Report 100.

This comprehensive list highlights the 100 largest private landowners in the United States.

In 2022, the Land Report 100 once again shed light on the giants of land ownership. It's no surprise that many of these top landowners are also the largest farmland owners in the country.

Their vast holdings often include extensive farmland and timberland.

While there isn't a separate list specifically ranking the top farmland owners, we can confidently say that these 10 individuals and families are among the most influential figures in American agriculture.

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1. Emmerson Family – 2,411,000 Acres

Topping the list of private landowners and likely the largest farmland owners in the nation are the Emmerson Family.

With a staggering 2,411,000 acres under their ownership, their commitment to American agriculture is undeniable.

2. John Malone – 2,200,000 Acres

Second on the list is John Malone, who possesses an impressive 2,200,000 acres of land.

His extensive holdings include farmland and timberland, contributing significantly to the nation's agricultural landscape.

3. Ted Turner – 2,000,000 Acres

Ted Turner, the media mogul turned conservationist, is the proud owner of 2,000,000 acres.

His land holdings play a crucial role in land conservation efforts, while also contributing to American agriculture.

4. Reed Family – 1,661,000 Acres

The Reed Family secures the fourth position on the Land Report 100 list with 1,661,000 acres of land.

Their vast land holdings are a testament to their legacy in American landownership.

5. Stan Kroenke – 1,627,500 Acres

Stan Kroenke's extensive land portfolio, which spans 1,627,500 acres, makes him a prominent figure in both land ownership and farmland management.

6. Irving Family – 1,267,792 Acres

The Irving Family, with their 1,267,792 acres, holds a significant stake in American landownership, contributing to the nation's agricultural industry.

7. Buck Family – 1,236,000 Acres

Ranking seventh on the list, the Buck Family's 1,236,000 acres are a crucial part of their legacy in private landownership and agriculture.

8. Singleton Family – 1,110,000 Acres

The Singleton Family's 1,110,000 acres underline their commitment to American agriculture and land preservation.

9. Brad Kelley – 1,000,000 Acres

Brad Kelley's impressive 1,000,000 acres reflect his influence as one of the top private landowners and farmland owners in the United States.

10. King Ranch Heirs – 911,215 Acres

Rounding out the top ten are the King Ranch Heirs, with 911,215 acres of land.

Their longstanding history in land ownership and agriculture is a vital part of American heritage.

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