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How Much Does 1 Acre Of Land Cost?

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Key Points

  • One acre of land equals 43,560 square feet and can vary in shape.
  • The average cost of one acre of vacant land in 2021 was $12,000, but prices vary greatly depending on location.
  • Land cost is influenced by location, economic conditions, and aesthetic appeal, with coastal and tourist areas being more expensive.
  • When purchasing land, consider zoning regulations, building requirements, and the availability of utilities to avoid unexpected costs and limitations.

As you can imagine, land is an outstanding resource. Nothing can be done to produce more land, and what we have available is being bought swiftly.

If you want to buy a slice of the green stuff yourself, you must save up for the initial investment. There are loans used for land purchases, but in most cases, cash is king. So, please know how much you need to save to buy land.

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How Is Large One Acre Of Land?

Owning 1 acre of land is a great goal to have initially. However, depending on location, this can usually be accomplished with a minimal investment.

One acre is 43,560 square feet. An acre can be measured in any shape, from rectangles to circles or even hexagons.

For easy example purposes:

  • A football field is 1.32 acres
  • 15.51 tennis courts can fit in one acre
  • An average horse farm is 8 acres
  • There are 640 acres in 1 square-mile

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How Much Will You Pay For One Acre Of Land?

In 2021, the average cost of one acre of vacant land was $12,000.

The land is more affordable in some states than others.

Cheapest Land

Consider these price tags for one acre of vacant land, which represent some lower-range costs:

  • Massachusetts $1,022
  • Connecticut $1,280
  • Wyoming $1,558
  • New Mexico $1,931
  • New Jersey $1,964
  • Nevada $2,116
  • South Dakota $2,135
  • Montana $2,283

Expensive Land

Here are the areas with the highest prices for 1 acre of land:

  • Brooklyn, NY $31 million
  • San Francisco, CA $26 million
  • Newport Beach, CA $23 million
  • Palo Alto, CA $21 million
  • Manhattan Beach, CA $19 million

How much an acre of land costs varies significantly by location, economic influences, and aesthetic appeal.

For example, an acre plot of land near the ocean or a major metropolitan center is worth more than vacant land in the middle of nowhere. Also, in higher price ranges are acres near tourist attractions or coastal regions.

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