Top Agricultural Products In Kentucky In 2023

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Kentucky, known as the “Bluegrass State,” is famous for its horse racing and bourbon, but it's also home to a diverse and thriving agricultural sector.

Kentucky's agricultural landscape is as rich and varied as its cultural heritage, from the rolling pastures dotted with grazing cattle to fields of tobacco and corn.

1. Horses: The Pride of Kentucky

Regarding agriculture in Kentucky, horses are undoubtedly the stars of the show.

The state is renowned for its Thoroughbred industry, with many of the world's top racehorses bred on Kentucky's lush pastures.

But it's not just about racing – horses contribute to the state's economy in many ways, from breeding and sales to tourism and sport.

2. Broilers: Kentucky's Feathered Fortune

While horses may be the most famous of Kentucky's agricultural products, broilers, or meat chickens, are the state's top agricultural commodity in terms of revenue.

Kentucky's farmers raise millions of these birds yearly, supplying high-quality poultry to nationwide markets.

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3. Cattle and Calves: The Backbone of Kentucky's Livestock Industry

Cattle farming is another significant part of Kentucky's agricultural sector. The state's rolling pastures provide an ideal environment for raising cattle and calves, contributing to the beef and dairy industries.

Kentucky's cattle industry provides a bounty of delicious products- a juicy steak or a glass of fresh milk.

4. Tobacco: A Historic Crop

Tobacco has a long history in Kentucky. While its prominence has decreased recently, it remains an essential crop for many Kentucky farmers.

The state's tobacco is known for its high quality and is used in products worldwide.

5. Soybeans: A Versatile Crop

Rounding out Kentucky's top agricultural products are soybeans.

These versatile legumes are used in various products, from animal feed to biodiesel, making them an essential part of the state's agricultural output.


Kentucky's agricultural sector is vital to the state's economy and cultural identity, from the racehorses that grace its pastures to the diverse crops that fill its fields.

So, the next time you watch the Kentucky Derby or enjoy a Kentucky bourbon, remember the rich agricultural heritage that helped make it possible.

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