How Many Farms Are There In Kansas?

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Located in America's heartland, Kansas is a state deeply rooted in agriculture.

Known as the Sunflower State, Kansas is home to 58,569 farms that contribute significantly to the state's economy and cultural heritage.

Kansas, largely consisting of flat plains, is known as the Wheat State for a reason. Its fertile soil and suitable climate make it an ideal location for wheat farming, among other agricultural activities.

Kansas's Agricultural Diversity

Beyond wheat, Kansas's 58,569 farms cultivate a range of crops and livestock.

The state is a leading producer of sunflowers, grain sorghum, and is also prominent in the beef and dairy industry.

Kansas's agricultural sector represents a balance of tradition and modernity.

While many farms have been in families for generations, Kansas's farming community is not hesitant to adopt new technologies and practices to enhance productivity and sustainability.

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Kansas's 58,569 farms embody the state's commitment to a productive and sustainable agricultural industry.

These farms support the economy, provide food for the nation, and help preserve Kansas's beautiful landscapes. In Kansas, farming isn't just an occupation—it's a lifestyle and a legacy.

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