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How Much Land Does The Irving Family Own?

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In the vast landscape of land ownership, few names resonate as strongly as the Irving Family.

With their deep-rooted commitment to timberland and conservation efforts, the Irvings have emerged as the foremost guardians of Maine's natural heritage.

Holding a staggering 1,267,792 acres of land, the family stands as the largest single landowner in the state. Their dedication to sustainable practices has not only shaped the landscape but also resulted in the planting of over 1 billion trees across the United States and Canada.

Let's delve into the story of the Irving Family's significant land holdings and their remarkable contributions to environmental conservation.

A Legacy of Land Stewardship

For more than a century, the Irving Family has been intimately involved in the timber industry. Beginning with their patriarch, K.C. Irving, and continuing through the generations, their commitment to responsible land management has been unwavering.

Today, the family's vast land holdings serve as a testament to their dedication to preserving and sustaining the natural beauty and resources of Maine.

The Irving Family's land ownership spans an impressive 1,267,792 acres of timberland.

This extensive holding allows them to carefully manage and oversee every aspect of their forestry operations.

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Planting One Billion Trees

An extraordinary achievement that sets the Irving Family apart is their accomplishment of planting over 1 billion trees in both the United States and Canada.

This incredible feat is a testament to their dedication to reforestation efforts and combatting deforestation.

By actively participating in such large-scale tree planting initiatives, the Irvings are actively contributing to carbon sequestration, the restoration of natural habitats, and the promotion of a healthier environment.

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