Top Agricultural Products In Iowa In 2023

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In the heartland of America, Iowa stands as a testament to the power of agriculture.

Known for its rolling plains and gentle hills, this Midwestern state is a powerhouse of agricultural production, leading the nation in several categories.

1. Corn: The Golden Giant

Corn is likely the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Iowa. And it's no wonder – Iowa is the nation's leading producer of corn.

This versatile crop is used in a myriad of products, from food and feed to ethanol and other industrial applications. The sight of endless cornfields under the summer sun is a quintessential image of Iowa, a testament to the state's agricultural prowess.

2. Soybeans: The Silver Medalist

Not to be outdone by corn, soybeans are another major crop in Iowa.

The state consistently ranks at the top in the nation for soybean production. These protein-packed legumes are a key component in animal feed and are also used in various foods for human consumption.

In addition, soybeans are increasingly used in biodiesel production, contributing to renewable energy efforts.

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3. Hogs: From the Heartland to Your Table

Iowa's agricultural abundance isn't limited to crops. The state is also the nation's top producer of hogs.

These animals are raised for meat production, and Iowa's pork products are shipped nationwide and beyond. So, the next time you enjoy a pork chop or bacon, it might be from an Iowa farm.

4. Cattle and Calves: A Staple of Iowa's Livestock Industry

Cattle farming is another important part of Iowa's agricultural sector. The state's farmers raise many cattle and calves, contributing to the beef and dairy industries.

These animals are often fed with Iowa's own corn and soybeans, creating a cycle of agricultural productivity.

5. Chicken Eggs: A Small but Mighty Agricultural Product

Finally, let's not overlook Iowa's production of chicken eggs. While they may be small, these eggs have a big impact.

Iowa leads the nation in egg production, providing a valuable source of nutrition for people all over the country.


From its golden fields of corn to its bustling livestock farms, Iowa is a shining example of American agriculture. The state's farmers work tirelessly to produce food and other agricultural products that are essential to our daily lives.

So, the next time you sit down to a meal, remember the hard work that went into producing it – and you might just have a farmer from Iowa to thank.

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