How Many Farms Are There In Idaho?

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Idaho is best known for its potatoes, but the agricultural sector in the Gem State is far more diverse.

Spanning 25,000 farms and ranches, Idaho's agriculture industry is a cornerstone of the state's economy and a critical part of its cultural heritage.

Idaho's varied landscape, from its mountainous regions to the fertile Snake River Plain, allows for a wide range of farming operations. These diverse geographical features support the growth of an assortment of crops and livestock.

Idaho's Rich Bounty

While Idaho leads the nation in potato production, the state's 25,000 farms and ranches also yield a variety of other crops and livestock.

You'll find wheat, barley, sugar beets, dairy products, and even wine grapes flourishing in this rugged western state.

Agriculture in Idaho combines traditional farming methods with cutting-edge technology. While many farms have been in families for generations, Idaho's agricultural industry embraces modern farming practices to enhance productivity and sustainability.

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Idaho's 25,000 farms and ranches contribute significantly to the state's identity, economy, and environment.

Through their tireless efforts, Idaho's farmers provide food for their communities and the nation, stimulate their local economy, and safeguard the state's natural resources.

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