how much land for hemp farming

How Much Land Is Needed For Hemp Farming?

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Once dried, hemp has many unique qualities that may not come to mind when you think of a plant.

Hemp fibers can be used to make clothes, shoes, paper, rope and textiles as well as industrial products such as bioplastics, insulation and biofuel.

That’s a long and varied list and is a large part of the reason hemp is in such a high demand. But around 90% of hemp plants are grown to harvest their buds, which are them used to produce CBD.

How Much Land Is Needed For Hemp Farming?

The first thing to consider if you’re looking into farming hemp is location. The leafy plants themselves are quite easy to grow. The best land would consist of flat fields where there are plenty of hot days and cool nights and a relatively short summer. This makes the Midwest one of the most ideal sites.

Hemp is a summer crop that typically will be farmed between late June and early November.

Or perhaps you already have a few acres of land suitable for hemp farming. Hemp plants usually are quite easy to grow on an established farm or orchard that’s already cultivated for other fruits or grains or vegetables. Hemp is typically ready to harvest about four to six months after planting. This means each plant will produce the stems, leaves and buds and be ready to pick several times in a single year.

On average, you can expect to grow anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 hemp plants per acre if you have the right amount of sunlight at your chosen location.

The average hemp farm in the United States is 22 acres.

That is going to cost you around $100,000 in most States. This would put you at par with other hemp growers in the US. Smaller scale operations will have difficulty competing with the larger farms.

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