How Many Farms Are There In Hawaii?

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While Hawaii is renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant tourism industry, it also boasts a thriving agricultural sector.

This tropical paradise is home to 7,328 farms that produce a wealth of unique and valuable crops.

Hawaii's farm landscape is as diverse as the archipelago itself, from the lush valleys of Kauai to the volcanic slopes of the Big Island.

This unique geographical variation creates a rich tapestry of microclimates, each fostering the growth of different crops.

Hawaii's Unique Bounty

Hawaii's 7,328 farms yield an assortment of produce you won't find on the mainland.

Known worldwide for its high-quality coffee, particularly from the Kona region, the islands also produce a variety of tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya, and mango.

And let's not forget Hawaii's famous macadamia nuts.

Agriculture in Hawaii is steeped in history and tradition, yet it's also a hotbed of innovation.

While many farmers continue to cultivate traditional crops like taro and breadfruit, others are embracing modern farming practices and technologies to enhance productivity and sustainability.

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Hawaii's 7,328 farms reflect the state's unique culture, history, and geography.

Through their hard work, these farmers contribute to Hawaii's food security, economy, and environmental sustainability. The farming sector is a vital part of the Aloha State, reflecting its respect for the land and its resources.

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