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Can Foreigners Buy Farmland In Russia?

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Russia, spanning Eastern Europe and northern Asia, is a vast country with diverse climates and terrains.

From the wheat fields of the Black Earth Region to the vast Siberian expanses, Russia's agricultural potential is immense.

However, for potential foreign investors, a pivotal question arises: Is it feasible to own a piece of Russia's expansive agricultural lands?

Legal Framework and Restrictions

  1. Ownership Restrictions: Unfortunately, foreign individuals and foreign legal entities are prohibited from owning agricultural land in Russia. However, they can lease agricultural land for long periods, often up to 49 years.
  2. Russian Legal Entities: While foreign individuals and companies cannot directly own agricultural land, they can set up a Russian legal entity (where the majority stake is held by a Russian national) to purchase and own agricultural land.
  3. Registration and Approval: All land transactions, including leases, require registration with local authorities. In some cases, especially for large plots, government approval might be necessary.

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Opportunities and Considerations

  • Diverse Agricultural Practices: Russia is a major producer of grains, especially wheat. The country also has significant livestock farming, particularly in the Siberian regions.
  • Government Initiatives: The Russian government has been promoting agricultural self-sufficiency and offers various subsidies and incentives for ventures that align with their vision of food security.
  • Strategic Location: Russia's vastness, spanning Europe and Asia, offers diverse agricultural climates and proximity to major markets.


  • Climatic Extremes: While parts of Russia have fertile soil, the country's northern location means short growing seasons in many regions, and some areas are not arable due to permafrost.
  • Bureaucracy and Regulation: Navigating the Russian bureaucratic system can be challenging, and understanding local regulations is crucial.
  • Economic Sanctions: Over the years, Russia has faced economic sanctions from various countries, which can impact trade and investment dynamics.


While Russia offers agricultural potential, foreign investors need to navigate a complex legal and regulatory landscape.

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