can foreigners buy farmland in india

Can Foreigners Buy Farmland In India?

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Foreigners face restrictions on buying farmland in India.

The acquisition and ownership of agricultural land by foreign individuals or entities are generally prohibited to protect India's agricultural sector and preserve food security.

The ownership and transfer of agricultural land in India are regulated by various state-specific laws, and these laws often restrict or prohibit foreign ownership.

The primary aim is to ensure that agricultural land remains in the hands of Indian citizens and farmers.

However, there are some exceptions and provisions for certain categories of foreign entities.

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1. Non-resident Indians (NRIs)

NRIs, who are of Indian origin but residing outside of India, have certain privileges when it comes to agricultural land ownership.

They are permitted to inherit or receive agricultural land as a gift from a relative who is an Indian citizen or an NRI.

2. Companies with Specific Approvals

In certain cases, foreign entities can indirectly invest in agriculture-related activities or agribusiness by establishing a company in India.

However, these investments usually require specific approvals from relevant authorities and adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

It is important to note that land-related laws and regulations in India are subject to change, and the specifics can vary between states.

Understanding the specific laws and seeking professional advice is crucial for foreign individuals or entities considering involvement in the agricultural sector in India.

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