Can Foreigners Buy Farmland In Finland?

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Finland, often referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes,” boasts a unique blend of vast forests, pristine water bodies, and a robust agricultural sector.

Its northern location offers a distinct climate, making it suitable for certain types of farming.

But for potential investors from abroad, a pressing question arises: Is it possible to own a piece of Finland's agricultural heritage?

Legal Framework and Restrictions

  1. Permission Requirement: While Finland is open to foreign investments, agricultural and forestry land acquisitions by non-EU and non-EEA citizens typically require permission from the Finnish Ministry of Defence.
  2. EU/EEA Citizens: Those from EU and EEA countries generally face fewer restrictions when purchasing land in Finland. However, they might still need to adhere to local regulations and zoning laws.
  3. Land Use Regulations: It's essential to ensure that the land's designated use aligns with the buyer's intentions. Changing the land's purpose might require additional permissions or might not be allowed in certain areas.

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Opportunities and Considerations

  • Diverse Agricultural Practices: From dairy farming to reindeer herding in the northern regions, Finland offers a range of agricultural activities.
  • Forestry: Given Finland's vast forested areas, forestry is a significant sector, presenting ample investment opportunities.
  • Sustainability Focus: Finland is at the forefront of sustainable farming practices, with a strong emphasis on organic farming and eco-friendly methodologies.


  • Climate Limitations: Finland's northern location means a shorter growing season, which can be a challenge for certain crops.
  • Land Prices: While generally more affordable than some Western European countries, prime agricultural land, especially near urban centers, can be costly.
  • Cultural and Language Barriers: Understanding local customs, traditions, and the Finnish language can be beneficial for smoother transactions and integration.


Finland, with its unique geographical and climatic conditions, offers intriguing opportunities for agricultural investments.

As with any international investment, thorough research, understanding local nuances, and seeking expert advice are crucial steps before diving in.

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