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Top 5 Best Farmland Investing Books In 2023

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It’s always helpful to get some advice from experts. Books have long been a way to learn about a topic.

In this article, we wanted to share the following 5 books that give you plenty of tips and information about farmland investing! Let's dive in!

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1. The Investors’ Guide To Farmland

This book will guide you through the rationale for investing in farmland, understanding the characteristic of farmland, and why it should become part of your portfolio.

The book addresses the following issues:

  • The production of almost all food can be traced back to farmland in some way.
  • Demand is growing for farmland as the world’s population and global needs for food are rising.
  • The supply of farmland is not changing, creating a severe imbalance in the supply of farmable land and demand for food.
  • The world’s population is expected to grow from 7 billion to over 9 billion by 2050. Over the same time period, food production must double.
  • Global grain supplies are already at record low levels. If the US stopped producing corn, it would run out in less than 30 days and set off a domino effect that would bring the world to its knees.
  • How can people capitalize on the increased global protein consumption and demand for food?
  • An investment in farmland will provide a steady stream of income and capital gains due to the increasing global demand for agricultural commodities and limited supply of global arable land.

2. Why Invest In Agricultural Real Estate?

This is a more sophisticated resource for people who’ve already studied the basics of farmland investing and want to put their money towards farms using sustainable guidelines.

In this book, you will become more familiar with the farmland asset class, specifically:

  • The importance to the world’s food production and the critical role the United States plays in feeding the world.
  • How agricultural real estate works in comparison to commercial real estate and the fundamentals that drive the agriculture sector.
  • You will also gain insights on the immense demand for agricultural real estate, where supply stands and how farmland can be managed to increase output.
  • The ways in which farmland can contribute positively to the environment.
  • How farmland can be managed for greater returns and why investing in agriculture is good for both investors and the agricultural industry.
  • Ways to invest in initiatives including DST and 1031 exchanges that come with stringent rules about sustainability.

3. Finding Good Farmland

This practical guide is a great resource focusing specifically on locating and evaluating land for raising crops or animals. It spells out factors you should consider before making a purchase, including:

  • Government regulations.
  • Residential concerns from the surrounding area.
  • Soil conditions.
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Available financing.
  • How your investment will reap financial returns.

Whether you intend to grow abundant crops or graze a robust herd of livestock, this book provides a roadmap to the land that’s right for you as an investor looking to achieve high returns.

4. Investments: The Easy Guide To Building Wealth In Agriculture For Beginners

This quick and easy read covers all the basics in a concise, understandable manner. This short publication is more of a guidebook for quick references.

  • The key to your success lies in creating a strong foundation that will support your business into the future.
  • Creating a profitable agricultural business builds wealth for you and your family.
  • How investing in farmland has the potential to build wealth for the surrounding community.
  • Handling the risk associated with farmland investing.
  • How the rewards can outweigh the risks.

5. Rising Global Interest In Farmland

This is a much more sophisticated and detailed guide discussing how farmland investing can yield substantial and equitable benefits on a global level.

This book aims to provide key pieces of information needed for informed debate about large-scale land acquisition by:

  • Drawing on the experience from past land expansions.
  • Discussing predictions for potential future demand.
  • Providing clear evidence of what is happening on the ground in the countries most affected by the recent increase in demand for land.
  • A detailed assessment of the amount of land, whether currently cultivated or not, that might potentially be available for agricultural cultivation at the global and country levels.
  • The policies in place to manage land acquisition processes and how these policies may affect outcomes.

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Best Farmland Investing Books: Conclusion

There are so many monetary rewards just waiting for you as a farmland investor,  but you need to do your homework first!

These top 5 books include everything you need to know about the basics if you’re a beginner just starting to research the many benefits of farmland investing, or if you have a good understanding under your belt and want to know about government regulations and sustaining the environment.

Add these to your library and you will find them to be a great resource you turn to again and again.

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