how to find farmland on Zillow

How To Find Farmland For Sale On Zillow

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To find farmland on Zillow, you can follow these simple steps.

1. Visit the Zillow website

Go to in your web browser. Or, you can use the Zillow app.

2. Enter your search criteria

In the search bar on the homepage, type in the location where you are interested in finding farmland.

This can be a city, county, or specific area.

3. Apply filters

Once you have entered the location, click on the “Filters” button located just below the search bar.

This will allow you to refine your search and narrow down the listings to farmland properties.

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4. Select “Lot/Land” under “Listing Type”

In the filters menu, under “Listing Type,” click on the checkbox next to “Lot/Land.”

This will filter the search results to show only vacant land and agricultural properties, which may include farmland.

5. Specify “Lot Size” or “Acreage”

Scroll down further in the filters menu, and you can set specific criteria for lot size or acreage.

You can enter the minimum and maximum size of land you are interested in, which can help refine your search results to focus on larger parcels suitable for farmland.

6. Apply additional filters if desired

Zillow provides various filters that you can use to further refine your search, such as price range, keywords, and more.

You can select additional filters based on your preferences and requirements.

7. Review search results

After applying the desired filters, click on the “Apply” button to update the search results.

Zillow will display listings that match your criteria, including properties that are categorized as “Lot/Land” and meet your specified acreage or lot size requirements.

8. Explore listings

Browse through the search results to view the available farmland listings.

You can click on each listing to view more details, including property descriptions, photos, price, and contact information for the listing agent or owner.

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