how to lease farmland

How To Find Farmland Available For Lease

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Farms are a tangible asset that tend to not gain or lose value with ups and downs in the stock market.

You should also be aware of the fact that the total acreage of farmland in the country is shrinking at a rapid pace.

Nearly 50 million acres of farmland have disappeared to development since the year 2000.

Today, the total number of acres in the country is just 890 million acres.

What Type Of Farmland Are You Looking For?

If you’re considering buying farmland to lease out, the first decision is what you are looking for, since there are varying types of agricultural land.

  • Pastureland, for example, can be rented out to ranchers or farmers to graze livestock.
  • On the other hand, cropland is used to produce certain crops, primarily corn, wheat and soybeans.
  • Orchards need a specific type of land, as do dairy and poultry farms.

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Where Do You Want To Buy Farmland?

Farmland near transportation hubs may fare better than rural sites off in areas with low demand.

Access to markets is just one thing to take into account. Physical and geographic factors also come into play, such as climate, soil quality, access to water, and whether the land has been used properly before you bought it.

Texas tops the list of states offering low pries on farmland. It can be the ideal place to grow cotton, because of its very long hot seasons and limited cooler winters. The state is also known to be a large beef cattle producer, and because of its enormous size, there’s plenty of grazing land in Texas.

Other states known for the best places to buy farmland include:

  • Montana
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Wyoming
  • California

Where Can I Find Listings For Farms To Lease?

Once you’ve done all the research about how many acres you can afford and where you want the land to be located, there are several sites where you can find farmland for sale or lease:

  • has thousands of listings for row crop farms, dry land farms, irrigated farms, vegetable farms, vineyards, orchards, dairy farms and grazing land, all listed by state. You can set a price range for your search.
  • currently has over 40,000 farm properties and 8,500 ranches listed in every state of the country, ranging from orchards to poultry to dairy and organic farmland.

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