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How Many Farms Are There In Delaware?

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Although Delaware is the second smallest state in the U.S., it has a thriving agricultural industry.

It may be surprising to learn that this compact state is home to 2,450 farms, each contributing to Delaware's reputation as “The Small Wonder.”

In Delaware, farmland stretches across the flat coastal plains, with its rich, loamy soil providing fertile ground for a range of crops. These farms may be small in comparison to those in other states, but they are highly productive.

Delaware's Harvest

So, what do these 2,450 farms produce?

Delaware is a leading producer of broiler chickens, with its poultry farms supplying a significant amount of the country's demand.

It also grows a variety of crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat, and a multitude of fresh vegetables.

Many of these farms have been passed down through generations, maintaining the agricultural heritage of the state.

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Delaware might be small in size, but its 2,450 farms pack a mighty punch.

These farms demonstrate that it's not the size of the state that counts, but the dedication and innovation of its farmers. Through their hard work, Delaware's farmers continue to feed their communities, stimulate their local economy, and preserve the environment.

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