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Top Agricultural Products In Delaware In 2023

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Don't let Delaware's size fool you.

Despite being the second smallest state in the United States, Delaware's agricultural sector is a powerhouse, contributing significantly to the state's economy and the nation's food supply.

1. Broilers: Delaware's Feathered Fortune

Regarding agriculture in Delaware, broilers – young chickens suitable for broiling or roasting – take center stage.

The state's poultry industry is a significant part of its agricultural sector, with millions of broilers raised yearly. These chickens are destined for dinner tables nationwide, making Delaware a key player in the nation's poultry production.

2. Corn for Grain: A Staple Crop

Corn for grain is another major agricultural product in Delaware. The state's farmers dedicate a significant portion of their land to growing this versatile crop, which is used in everything from animal feed to ethanol production.

When you drive through Delaware's countryside, you're likely to see fields of corn waving in the breeze.

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3. Soybeans: The Versatile Legume

Soybeans are a major crop in Delaware, prized for their versatility. These nutritious legumes are used in many products, from tofu and soy milk to biodiesel and industrial lubricants.

The next time you enjoy a soy latte, remember that the soybeans might have come from a farm in Delaware!

4. Dairy Products: From Farm to Fridge

Dairy farming is another important part of Delaware's agricultural sector.

The state's dairy farmers work tirelessly to provide fresh, wholesome milk, which is processed into various dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.

So, the next time you enjoy a scoop of ice cream, you might have a Delaware dairy farmer to thank!

5. Wheat: The Staff of Life

Finally, wheat farming is a significant part of Delaware's agricultural sector. The state's farmers grow high-quality wheat milled into flour for bread, pasta, and other staple foods.

When you bite into a slice of bread, the wheat might have been grown in Delaware's fertile fields.


From broilers to wheat, Delaware's agricultural sector is diverse and robust. Despite its small size, the state plays a big role in feeding the nation.

So, the next time you sit down to a meal, take a moment to appreciate Delaware's farmers' hard work and dedication. Their contributions reach far beyond the borders of the First State.

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