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How Many Farms Are There In Colorado?

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Colorado is not only famous for its towering Rocky Mountains and world-class ski resorts, but it's also home to 38,900 farms.

These farms stretch across the state's diverse landscapes, from the rolling plains in the east to the mountain valleys in the west.

The variety of elevations in Colorado, from about 3,000 feet to over 14,000 feet above sea level, creates a multitude of microclimates. These conditions enable the state's farms to produce a diverse range of crops and livestock.

Colorado's Bounty

But what exactly do these 38,900 farms produce?

Colorado is one of the top producers of cattle, corn, wheat, and hay in the United States. The state is also known for its premium potatoes and juicy peaches.

It’s an agricultural hub of variety, color, and flavor.

Colorado's farmers and ranchers don't only farm the land – they protect it. Many adopt sustainable practices, like water conservation and soil health measures, to preserve their environment.

They understand that their livelihoods depend on the land and strive to farm in ways that will ensure its productivity for future generations.

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Colorado, with its 38,900 farms, paints a picture of a state that's as much about agriculture as it is about mountains and ski slopes.

Colorado's farmers and ranchers are a vital part of the state's identity, contributing to its economy, its food supply, and the stewardship of its breathtaking landscapes.

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