Capitaline US Farmland Fund review

Capitaline US Farmland Fund Review 2021: Good Investment?

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Capitaline US Farmland Fund
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Farmland is a highly sought-after investment today due to its low volatility and consistent returns. The demand for crops is also constantly rising which not only increases the land value but also increases the value of the crops themselves.

To invest in farmland, there are a few farmland investing platforms available. However, many of them are new and do not have a long track record. Capitaline, founded in 2002, has seen great success and proven to investors a successful model.

They have launched 7 funds over the past decade that have seen impressive results.


  • Longer track record than many farmland investing platforms
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Focus on farmer families


  • Accredited Investors only
  • Much reach out to the company to get investment details

Imagine being able to reap the many benefits of owning part of a thriving farm and sharing its profits without ever having to get your hands dirty.

This and much more are available to you through today’s plethora of online farmland investing platforms. Today’s wise investors are rolling up their sleeves and getting the lowdown on farmland as a solid asset to tack on to a diversified portfolio.

In this article, we will provide a complete Capitaline US Farmland Fund Review. Let's dive in!

What Is Capitaline?

Headquartered in South Dakota in a historic train depot, the Capitaline team is a group of experienced investment professionals who grew up in the same Midwestern rural environment where they now invest and manage other investors’ money.

The group includes farmers, investors, entrepreneurs, and money-crunchers experienced in launching and sustaining successful farm businesses. They have worked as much in the board room as in the fields, and this wealth of experience is the backbone of all the company’s investment decisions.

Inspired by the Capitaline Hill, one of the Seven Hills of Rome, the name is a reflection of classical values. In ancient times, the Capitaline Hill served as the center of Roman Leadership and governance. Today Capitaline bills itself as a leader in U.S. Farmland and Agribusiness investing.

Formed in 2002, results over the last decade have been demonstrated by their many successes in farmland, agribusiness, renewable energy, and financial services.

Capitaline’s stewardship mission is to treat investors, farmers, land, and staff with professional care while also providing competitive economic returns. Their goal is to diligently manage the investment funds entrusted to the company while protecting natural resources. They fulfill this mission by promoting sound economic, environmental, and socially responsible practices across the company.

Capitaline offers Farmland Investment Funds and Agricultural Investment Funds to accredited investors only. 

AcreTrader farmland investing platform$15,000 To $25,000View Investments
FarmTogether farmland investing platform$15,000View Investments
Robinhood Table$100 (REITs)View Investments

US Farmland Fund, LP

Capitaline created US Farmland Fund, LP, to provide an investment vehicle for people that want to own a piece of America’s Heartland. It’s a straightforward process to buy and manage farmland. The strategy of the fund is to purchase farmland in the Western Corn Belt and cash rent it to local operators.

Farmland Management

In addition to its US Farmland Fund, LP, they offer individually managed portfolios that can be established for a minimum commitment of $5 million. They work closely with clients, developing a strategy to build and manage these portfolios to meet their longer-term goals and expectations.

These farm management services are offered to help people that want the benefits of owning farmland but don’t feel they have the time or expertise to manage it themselves. Clients can choose from one or all of the company’s services that include:

  • Purchasing property
  • Representation in lease negotiations
  • Enrolling property in government farm programs
  • Providing financial analysis and statements

Capitaline US Farmland Fund Review: Conclusion

It has been estimated that only 7% of the earth’s land surface is suitable for cultivation, and most of the world’s productive arable land is already in crop production. However, according to the United Nations, the world population is expected to explode from 7 billion to 10 billion by the year 2050.

Also, as more of the world’s population moves from poverty to the middle class, diets will improve and people will consume more meats and proteins. According to the UN, food production will have to increase by 70% by the year 2050, and 90% of the growth in crop production will come from increased yields.

Some of the good news is that as farmers push the yields higher and crop prices increase, land appreciates in value. Companies like Capitaline give investors a way to buy into carefully vetted farm properties that are poised for success.

Farmland investing is passive, with profits rolling in while you sleep, eat or go to your day job.

There’s no doubt that farmland is a wise addition to a diversified portfolio. Capitaline is one choice for farmland funding and management.

However, clients must have deep pockets due to the stipulation that only accredited investors can apply. In addition, if you want an individually managed farmland portfolio, the minimum investment is $5 million.

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