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How Much Land Does The Buck Family Own?

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The Buck Family, known for their extensive land holdings, has become synonymous with stewardship and sustainable management of timberlands in the state of Maine.

With an awe-inspiring ownership of 1,236,000 acres of primarily timberland, the Bucks have established themselves as guardians of a valuable natural resource, fostering a legacy that intertwines conservation, economic growth, and environmental responsibility.

A Rich Heritage

Founded by John Buck in the late 19th century, the Buck Family's affinity for timberlands traces back several generations.

John Buck recognized the vast potential of Maine's forested lands and dedicated his life to acquiring and responsibly managing these natural treasures. His vision was not solely focused on financial gain but also emphasized the importance of preserving these lands for future generations.

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The Land Holdings

Today, the Buck Family owns an astounding 1,236,000 acres of land in the state of Maine.

This substantial expanse of timberland spreads across diverse ecosystems, encompassing rolling hills, dense forests, and pristine waterways. The family's primary focus on timberland highlights their commitment to sustainable forestry practices, ensuring the preservation of this critical natural resource.

Timber has been a vital economic resource in Maine for centuries, providing employment opportunities and supporting various industries.

The family's sustainable forestry practices not only ensure the longevity of their land holdings but also stimulate economic growth by promoting local businesses and creating jobs in timber harvesting, milling, and related sectors.

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