Bill Gates Farmland

What Company Does Bill Gates Own Farmland Through?

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Bill Gates' farmland investments are primarily managed through his investment firm, Cascade Investment LLC.

Cascade Investment is a private investment vehicle that manages a diverse portfolio of assets, including farmland.

While Cascade Investment is responsible for overseeing Gates' farmland holdings, it does not operate as a standalone company focused exclusively on farmland.

What is Cascade Investment?

Cascade Investment, founded in 1995, serves as the investment arm for Gates' personal wealth.

It manages a wide range of investments across various sectors, including technology, energy, real estate, and agriculture. The firm aims to generate long-term returns on its investments while supporting Gates' philanthropic efforts.

Through Cascade Investment, Gates has amassed substantial farmland holdings in multiple states within the United States.

These investments are part of his broader interest in agricultural sustainability, innovation, and addressing global challenges related to food security and environmental impact.

It is important to note that the specific details of Gates' farmland investments, including the locations and sizes of the properties, are not widely disclosed to the public.

Therefore, the exact extent of his farmland holdings may not be publicly available or easily accessible.

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