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Do You Automatically Become An Accredited Investor?

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Becoming an accredited investor comes with several benefits, including access to certain investment opportunities that are not available to the general public.

However, becoming an accredited investor is not automatic and requires meeting specific criteria.

This article will explore the requirements for accredited investor status and shed light on the misconception that it is an automatic designation.

Accredited Investor Status Requirements

To claim accredited investor status, an individual must satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Licensing: One way to qualify as an accredited investor is by holding a Series 7, 65, or 82 license in good standing. These licenses are typically associated with financial professionals and demonstrate certain knowledge and experience in the field.
  2. Net Worth: Another criterion for accredited investor status is having a net worth exceeding $1 million individually or combined with a spouse or spousal equivalent. However, the value of the primary residence is excluded when calculating the net worth.
  3. Income Threshold: Meeting specific income thresholds is a third pathway to becoming an accredited investor. An individual must have earned income exceeding $200,000 ($300,000 if combined with a spouse or its equivalent) during each of the last two calendar years. Moreover, the individual must demonstrate credibly that they will maintain these income thresholds during the current year.


Becoming an accredited investor is not an automatic process, as some might assume.

To qualify for this designation, individuals must meet specific criteria established by regulatory authorities. These requirements include holding certain licenses, possessing a net worth exceeding $1 million, or meeting income thresholds consistently over a specified period.

It is important to understand and adhere to the guidelines for accredited investor status to ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks.

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