how to invest in farmland in Australia

How To Invest In Australian Farmland

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When you think of Australia, you probably picture kangaroos, hot weather and shrimp on the barbecue grill.

What you may not picture is citrus fruit.

However, worldwide demand for the country’s mandarin oranges has exploded. This year, AcreTrader decided to add Australia to its list of offerings. This marks its first international farm, located near Gayndah in the province of Queensland, Australia.

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Australian Citrus Orchards

Burnett River Citrus Orchards is a grouping of three previously independent Australian orchards growing primarily mandarins but also lemons, oranges, and grapefruit.

Why mandarins, you might ask?

  • Australia produced 172,934 tons of mandarins for the year ending in June 2020, of which 45% were exported
  • Fresh export tons have increased 2.3 times over the last seven years; mandarin export value has increased 3.4 times
  • Globally, prices for Australian mandarins have increased by 6% annually over the last 20 years

Australia has a well-established and diverse agricultural industry and carries a reputation for producing premium quality agricultural products.

AcreTrader’s announcement of its move into international farmland is big news indeed. The platform is boldly moving into new territory, and investors may want to consider getting in on the action.

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What Is AcreTrader?

AcreTrader farmland investing platform

AcreTrader is an online farmland investment platform founded with a simple mission: to democratize farmland selling and investing.

In addition to allowing individuals to access direct farmland investments, they also provide farmers with new financing options to grow their operations.

The platform offers a truly passive investment. People who buy shares of an AcreTrader offering don’t need to know a thing about crop rotation, harvesting or transporting farm products to its destination. AcreTrader’s experienced managers handle all the day-to-day operations. All you will need to do is sit back and watch your investment grow.

Investors will see their money grow through rental payments from farmers and also from the increased value of the property over time.

To date, the platform has funded nearly 70 farms across 13 states in major U.S. farming regions. According to the company, international expansion is a natural progression for AcreTrader and has always been part of AcreTrader’s long-term vision.

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