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How Many Farms Are There In Arkansas?

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Arkansas, affectionately known as “The Natural State”, is more than just home to stunning landscapes and warm southern hospitality.

It's also the host to 49,346 farms, making it a cornerstone of American agriculture.

These farms are dotted all over the state, from the fertile Delta region to the majestic Ozark mountains. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each farm has a unique role to play in the state's diverse agricultural sector.

What Grows in Arkansas?

So, what exactly do these 49,346 farms produce?

Well, Arkansas is a leading producer of several agricultural commodities. The state leads the nation in rice production, contributing about half of the country's total.

It's also a major player in poultry, soybeans, cotton, and corn.

The state's favorable climate and fertile soil are a farmer's dream, making it ideal for a variety of crops and livestock.

Arkansas farming is a blend of tradition and progress. Many of these farms have been in families for generations, keeping agricultural traditions alive.

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With 49,346 farms, Arkansas showcases its farming prowess, reflecting its commitment to tradition and progress.

The farmers in this southern state are more than just food producers; they are economic drivers, stewards of the land, and keepers of a rich agricultural heritage.

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