how to invest in Arkansas farmland

How To Invest In Arkansas Farmland

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Arkansas lives up to its nickname as the Natural State for its rolling fields of farmland.

You can get some of the best land investment values in the lower 48 states there. Land for sale in Arkansas is valued at $6,739 per acre, which is one of the most reasonable price tags compared to other states around the country.

Agriculture represents a large part of the state's economy. Arkansas is the nation's largest producer of rice, broilers, and turkeys, and is in the top three states for cotton, chicken, and aquaculture, specifically catfish.

The state ranks fourth in the nation and first in the south for softwood lumber production, as timber production is high in the Timberlands region.

Here's some more stats about farmland in Arkansas:

  • Arkansas has around 100,000 acres of farms for sale based on recent Land And Farm data
  • The combined market value of farms for sale in Arkansas is $430 million, with the average price of farms for sale ticking in at $1.29 million
  • Arkansas produces 40 percent of the country's rice crop
  • It is a major producer of commercially farmed chickens and turkeys
  • Farms and other agricultural land for sale in Arkansas sustain livestock such as cattle
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How To Buy Farmland In Arkansas

Here are some suggestions for buying farmland in this state!


FARMFLIP has $550.74 million of farms for sale in Arkansas with a median listing price of $209,300 or an average of $2,602 per acre.

The total acreage of Arkansas farms for sale is 211,600 acres with an average listing size of 213 acres.

You can view land offerings in Arkansas on FARMFLIP here!

2. LandWatch

LandWatch has 414 farms and ranches for sale in Arkansas.

You can view land offerings in Arkansas on LandWatch here!

3. AcreTrader

There are also some great online farmland investing platforms that vet properties for you and manage the farm related tasks on your behalf. These platforms often lease the land to a farmer.

AcreTrader farmland investing platform

One of these is AcreTrader.

AcreTrader uses the crowdfunding investment model. This puts together smaller amounts of investment funds from larger groups of people

AcreTrader was actually founded in Arkansas!

Your profits as an investor will come from two sources:

  • Earning income paid in rent by the farmers who use the land
  • The increase in value of the farmland when it is eventually sold 

Here is an example of a past listing on AcreTrader for a farm in Arkansas:

  • Rooker Creek Farm
  • Shares in a 347-acre rice, crop and soybean farm in Arkansas near the Mississippi River Delta with fertile and versatile soils
  • Minimum $22,890
  • Potential Return 8.20%
  • Target Hold Period 5 Years

Click here to view current offerings on AcreTrader!

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