Steward vs AcreTrader

AcreTrader vs Steward 2024: Which Is Better?

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Investing in farmland and supporting sustainable agriculture are increasingly popular avenues for investors seeking stability and positive impact.

AcreTrader and Steward are two platforms offering opportunities in these sectors.

Let's delve into a comparison of the two.

Investment Focus

  • AcreTrader: Focuses on allowing investors to buy shares of farmland properties, offering the potential for appreciation and portfolio diversification.
  • Steward: Facilitates loans to small and mid-size regenerative farms and sustainable producers, enabling investors to support sustainable agriculture while earning interest.


  • AcreTrader: Primarily caters to accredited investors, with higher minimum investment amounts typically ranging from $15,000 to $40,000 per property.
  • Steward: Open to all investors, with minimal capital requirements starting at $100, making it accessible to a broader range of individuals.

Risk and Return

  • AcreTrader: Offers potential for stable returns through farmland appreciation and annual dividends. While historically stable, farmland investments may still be subject to market fluctuations.
  • Steward: Provides attractive interest rates ranging from 5% to 10%, offering a steady income stream. However, investments are structured as debt, limiting potential capital gains.

Farmland Investing 101

Farmland has provided investors with consistent returns for decades, but gaining exposure to this alternative asset has been a challenge in the past.

Today, you can invest passively in farmland through crowdfunded real estate platforms like AcreTrader.

AcreTrader Investment

Instead of buying a farm yourself, investors pool their money together. And instead of managing the farmland yourself, AcreTrader takes care of that. They handle everything from the paperwork to finding a suitable farmland renter.

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To date, the team over at AcreTrader has funded 149 properties, totaling over $365 Million in equity raised. This has been invested into over 50,000 acres of farmland.

Looking to learn more? Here's our full review of AcreTrader.

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Start Investing Today

PlatformMinimumLinkAccredited OnlyInvestments
EquityMultiple Logo$5,000+View InvestmentsYesCommercial Real Estate Properties
AcreTrader farmland investing platform$8,000+View InvestmentsYesUS Farmland, Timberland, Vineyards
farmtogether new logo table$15,000+View InvestmentsYesUS Farmland

Impact Investing

  • AcreTrader: Allows investors to support agriculture indirectly by owning shares of farmland properties, contributing to food production and land preservation.
  • Steward: Directly supports small, sustainable farms through loans, promoting regenerative agriculture practices and local food systems.

Tax Implications

  • AcreTrader: Dividends and potential capital gains from farmland investments may have favorable tax treatment, depending on individual circumstances.
  • Steward: Interest payments on loans are taxed as ordinary income, potentially impacting after-tax returns, especially for investors in higher tax brackets.


Both AcreTrader and Steward offer unique opportunities for investors interested in farmland and sustainable agriculture.

AcreTrader appeals more to accredited investors seeking direct ownership of farmland properties, while Steward provides accessible avenues for individuals to support small farms through loans.

Investors should consider their financial goals, risk tolerance, and impact preferences when choosing between the two platforms.

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