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Historical returns from farmland investments

What Returns Should You Expect From Farmland Investing?

For all intents and purposes, farmland is a pretty boring investment. However, interest in this asset class as a whole has skyrocketed in recent years. …

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farmland investments for non accredited investors

Top 3 Best Farmland Investments For Non-Accredited In 2021

Gaining exposure to farmland as an asset class is no easy feat. While many farmland investing platforms have emerged, most require you to be an …

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Farmland investing taxes explained

Farmland Investing Taxes And Tax Benefits Explained In 2021

For decades, farmland has proven itself to be a smart investment. Historically, it simply does not lose value, and has even outpaced the stock market. …

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FarmFundr Review 2021: Best Farmland Investment?

By 2050, the world population is expected to surpass 10 billion people. One thing that is certain is that between then and now, the global …

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American Farm Investors Review

American Farm Investors Review 2021: Best Resource For Farmland Investing?

Farmland as an investment has long been overlooked. However, with strong returns and low correlation to the market, it has proven itself to be a …

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How to buy farmland in New York

How To Invest In New York Farmland

According to the Farm Bureau of New York, agriculture accounted for $5.75 Billion in revenue in this state in 2017. This makes NY a leading …

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